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Curriculum Vitae:

I was born in Papa in 1961. I finished my studies on gobelin facultacy in the College of Art in Pecs. I graduated at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts in 1987.
Since 1988 I’m a member of the Association of Young Applied Artists and in 1992 I have became a member of the Inner Town Artists Society.
My glass works are designed and carried out by myself and they are made with a unique manual printing.




My objects are made by fusing technology. The first step of the process is to make the mould, what I either made by myself or buy it. The next step is to cut a flat piece of glass, which suit properly for the mould. After that I put this into the furnace/kiln.

The most important and hardest step of the process is to test the technical specification of the heating and cooling period. Over 800 Celsius Degree the glass adopts the shape of the mould and melt into it. The special surface of the mould gives shininess and brightness to the glass.

The next step is to colour the ready objects with a special paint, what I mix together. After that I fix the colours on a high temperature. This paint does not contain lead or any other dangerous chemicals. As the heat change the colours I need a big experience to use this technology.

Bernadette Árki
applied artist

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